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  1. The sounds in the Scalar
  2. The bony parts of our Pterophyllum scalare
  3. Learn while playing
  4. Color perception by Angelfish
  5. Wild Type Species Identification
  6. ventral fins
  7. Dorsal not erect enough
  8. Green Glitter
  9. various fin types
  10. New genetics
  11. Translucent scales ?..or no scales on pariabas?
  12. Notch, or not-to-notch? That is the question!
  13. How it is called this variation?
  14. Bulgarian Green Variations
  15. Phenotype names
  16. invisible stripes
  17. Phenotype and Genotype for this fish?
  18. Spiky fin attached to dorsal
  19. All that glitters...
  20. New albino Dantums
  21. Dantum angelfish