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02-27-2017, 03:51 PM
Well, after I discovered that all the Bulgarian Green angels I received a couple of years ago carried the Philippine Blue gene it made it difficult to continue the gene study with any confidence. And I lost focus a bit while attempting to regroup and see if I couldn't find a Bulgarian Green angel that did not carry the Philippine Blue gene.

Here's a summary of where I stand at this point.

I still have my Blue Bulgarian Green pair (pb/pb bg/bg according to Raiko) and they produce a single phenotype with every spawn. So what ever they are they breed true. And the adults are VERY green today with more of a blue tone in their fins. Never can get a decent photo of them, but here are a couple of the better ones I've gotten....

The only photo I've gotten showing the amount of glitter on them. This was taken when they were starting to mature

A more recent photo taken last December. You can see how much color has developed over the past couple of years with these angels.

I kept a few of the spawn from the DD Black Pearlscale and Manacapuru Bulgarian Green. While I now know for a fact this BG angel carried Philippine Blue my goal here was to introduce the Dark gene. But what became quite a puzzle was this generation appeared to be somewhat marbled. And I was scratching my head in confusion! I know for a fact the black angel was DD as I had bred him with other angels as well as the fact that this outcross spawn was 100% black angels. But, finally solved the mystery....they carry the Streaked gene. This is a gene I have never worked with but it is my understanding from other breeders that Streaked causes a body mottling. So, they are D/+ St/+ +/p +/pb +/bg. No marble gene.

Here is a photo of this outcross F1 generation

One thing that surprised me was the amount of green coloring these fish show. They are +/bg and didn't really expect my coloring. But, again, it is now my understanding that Streaked is lending a hand to this development as well. These angels are now starting to mature and reproduce. I now have 2 small spawns from them. Am interested to see what the F2 generation produces with sibling pairings.

I also have acquired a couple more Manacapuru Bulgarian Green angels. One has matured and paired off with a Smokey Pinoy. This outcross is now free swimming and so far I do not see any indication of having pb/pb offspring. This is good news as I can use this BG angel to get back on track with the gene study in isolating the gene.

I have decided to create periodic videos to track my progress through this study. If you are interested in monitoring my progress, please subscribe to my channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/catsma97504. I will also try to remember to post/share the videos here as well.