View Full Version : High temperature for angels

08-19-2017, 08:02 PM
I recently got 2 angels from PetSmart. I have had these angels for about 5 weeks now and they are doing well and their bodies are about 2 inches They are quite healthy and are very active. I have them in a 40 gallon breeder tank that I have about 10 small (1.5 inch) Bluegills and about 20 mosquitofish. (Gambusia affinis). I live in Arizona where the high daytime temperature is 100 to 110 in July and August. The aquarium is outsite the house under a patio so the sun doesn't hit it. The temperature in the tank is about 85 in the morning at 6am and by the afternoon sometimes it gets up to 94 or 95. The fish all do fine without any ill effects. They eat a lot and are growing quite fast. There is also a bullhead catfish in the tank that is about 3 inches. I do weekly water 50% changes using water from my 2000 gallon backyard pond. I can't use tap water because the water temperature is about 98 in directly from the tap. The pond water is a cool 85 degrees.

Has anyone out there ever had tropical fish that live and live well at higher temperatures?