View Full Version : Angelfish breeding or what?

December Susan
12-15-2021, 02:21 PM
Hi Iím new here and my angelfish are acting weird! Iíve had them for 3 months and they get along great. I changed their water this morning and later my black veil started chasing the silver guy like crazy. I saw that the black was rubbing on the heater and there are what appear to be eggs or bubbles? I donít see any breeding tubes on the black one. I have a couple of photos if I can figure out how to share them. I thought I saw a breeding tube on the silver one but itís gone now. What the heck?

01-09-2022, 07:26 PM
Sounds to me like they spawned. Tubes aren’t ALWAYS noticeable.

I’m thinking TAS is a thing of the past. Not much activity here in the forum, unless TAS chats somewhere else now?