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08-19-2014, 02:38 PM
In doing my nighttime ritual checking on my tanks I found a 55g that houses angel breeders acting oddly. Swimming in circles, even upside down. They were fine a couple hours earlier when I fed them.

Grabbed the hose to do a quick water change. When my hand hit the water I knew what happened. Scorching hot! Panic set in. Grabbed a digital thermometer and freaked out. 102.3F. OMG! Unplugged the heater and did a 20% water change. Filled tank slowly with cold tap (about 70F). This only cooled the tank down to 91.6F. I was afraid to cool the tank down too fast, so I decided to wait and do another small water change. Also, I raised the filter returns, lowered the water level to increase oxygen. And left the lid open and a fan in the room. Tank was down to 87.2F when I went to bed. Still afraid of what I would find in the morning.

When I got up this morning the first thing I did was to check on this tank. It houses 3 paired, divided. This was the tank with the Clowns I raised from a couple years ago. This was the new line I started at Tamar's request, so it holds a lot of meaning for me. Well, when I checked on this tank I found all three males were dead :( And one female is also dead :( The saddest thing of all is that there were only 2 female survivors; and neither of them are Clowns although they are both from the same spawn. One female is a Gold Marble Ghost and the other female no one can agree what she is....a yellow angel with the tiniest splash of black in one fin. Having 2 females and no Clowns I have lost this new line. Completely wiped out in the blink of an eye.

Now, before you tell me to just start over....I no longer have the original Red Capped Koi female. She died last year. I still have the Blue Zebra, but he is getting quite old and looks like he won't live much longer. Can't get any weight on him and his tankmates are fat piggies. This really sucks.

08-19-2014, 04:55 PM
Sorry about your losses Dena. That is just awful. So sad. Stupid heater!! :mad:

08-20-2014, 06:09 AM
That sucks, Dena....I have some adult Pinoy clowns, but alas, females. I'd check with Mike Gibbs, he was working the PB zebra's, and clowns for a bit.....he may have a few males to jump start the line again...??

08-20-2014, 08:17 AM
I'd check with Mike Gibbs

+1 to that, Mike sells exquisite specimens. I'm anxious to get my hands on some from his line but his auction timing and my tank space have jet to coincide.:p:eek:

Dena, so sorry to hear of this having happened. I agree with you that it is devastating to lose a line, nothing can replace them. The only thing that has helped me in the past is to redirect that passion into a new line. To focus on a new project that will pick me back up.

You were hit with my worst nightmare, a heater stuck on. I would so much rather deal with a heater that has stuck off or burnt out. I lost my line of Schmidt-Focke Discus many years ago and I don't think I will ever get over it, they were stunning fish. My angels and discus recover well from decreased temperatures but high heat plays havoc with them. Temps over 96 is dangerous territory for my fish. Luckily, I've only had two heaters in decades that stuck on.

I'm hoping it helps to say this, I think Tamar would want to see you keep going with the project, even if it means new stock.

Best wishes,

08-20-2014, 08:50 AM
My PB Zebra is from Mike...lol. This was the first time I crossed a pair to start something new. And I was only 1 generation from paraiba.

You are right in that I should not give up but start over.

There are always firsts in this hobby. First time the heater stuck on for me.

Funny many are telling me to buy controllers. I don't have a few grand to put them on every tank I have running. And some of my tanks have 2 or 3 heaters.

For now no heater and that tank is running at 80.1F. Good enough for now.

08-20-2014, 09:06 AM
You are right in that I should not give up but start over.

That's the spirit!

I've never used controllers, but for having only owned a few bad heaters in decades I see them as difficult to justify. The biggest problem I see now days is folks buying the cheapest heater they can, in my opinion that is a disaster waiting to happen. I'm usually tight with my money, but a quality heater is a no-brainer for me, it's a wise investment.

One thing I do now to protect a line is to have experienced friends or family keeping some of my fish. For one line I even bought tanks for the fish to be kept in. We are all far enough apart geographically that we are unlikely to have a common event wipe out the line. food for thought.

08-20-2014, 11:22 AM
Well, after reading everyone's thoughts I decided to move the Blue Zebra male in with his surviving daughters. Still not sure about his health or ability to produce offspring, but I'd never know if I don't try. Right?

If I end up with a father-daughter pair I would still loose the paraiba I was on the verge of getting, but can pull the Ghosts and Clowns out of the offspring pool to work with. And, based on a 10 minute observation after I moved the male, I'd say I might end up with a pair as the Gold Marble Ghost seems to have taken an immediate liking to him. She was already doing that twitchy, click thing they do by the time I walked away.

Thank you all for not letting me give up!

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Glad you are not giving up!! Go, Dena! :D

08-21-2014, 09:22 AM
Dena. I am very sorry to hear about your hearter malfunction and resulting losses. A couple.of years ago I had the same thing happen and lost about 40 Mbuna. Some giant danios that I had in the tank managed to survive. I am happy that you are going to recover the line and wish you much luck as you move forward.