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08-22-2014, 12:18 PM
That's right. Blushing Clowns!

Like you, my immediate response was "No way". "Not possible". A Clown angel requires both a Zebra and a Stripeless gene, both of which are found on the same allele (Z/S); therefore, it is impossible to have a Blushing Clown as this would require at least one Zebra gene and two Stripeless genes (Z/S/S).

But after reading some information I've learned that it is possible through genetic polymorphism where there is an extra chromosome or a replicated allele. Still not sure how such fish would affect the gene pool with breeding, but still an interesting subject.

Ken Kennedy has posted photos and videos clearly showing a Blushing Clown. For example the following photo.....

For those who are interested in this natural occurrence, here are a few interesting articles:


Has anyone ever experienced this genetic effect before?

08-24-2014, 07:43 AM
In reading the wiki article I found this - "According to the theory of evolution, polymorphism results from evolutionary processes, as does any aspect of a species. It is heritable (http://www.theangelfishsociety.org/wiki/Heritable) and is modified by natural selection (http://www.theangelfishsociety.org/wiki/Natural_selection)." As such, if the fish shown is indeed a blushing clown, I would have expected to see pictures of the offspring as validation, there should have been a good number of them in the following generations. Have there been a number of them reported and showing predictable results in a breeding program other than Ken's or was this just a oddball throw that did not pass the trait on?

If you notice the male also has an underlying marble display that resembles the pattern on the fish in question. Perhaps the "Blushing Clown" is a Marble Blushing M/Gm - S/S, or a Gold Marble Blushing Gm/Gm - S/S which has a unique marble display? Also, I cannot make out the females fins, do they show any indication of the Zebra gene being present?
In any case, it is a peculiar looking fish. Thanks for sharing.

Chromosomal crossovers have been documented, ie. Gold Marbles throwing a black. I have a couple of what pheotypically would be described as g/g that genetically should be Gm/g. I am awaiting a spawn for validation. If they have indeed crossed and are g/g then the heritable trait should carry into the offspring. Waiting patiently.

08-24-2014, 08:49 AM
Hmm, have you seen these? Czech Red Blushing Clown. I found them on a website called Spanglefish.com. I guess the breeder calls them such due to the phantom dark patch that is suppose to indicate Zebra gene presence? Dunno, but weird for sure.



It is just me, but I really do not care for the "Blushing Clown". I'm sure that there are those who love them though, to each his/her own. ;)