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07-10-2015, 01:25 PM
Now through Saturday, July 18, I have discounted my most popular flake blends. Save 15% on any size of Gourmet Cichlid Flakes or Tropical Color Flakes. Plus if you PM your order I will further discount shipping to a flat rate of $7 per order for our members.

Gourmet Cichlid Flakes (http://store.everythingaquatic.net/flakes-freshwater-flakes-c-25_26_27/gourmet-cichlid-flake-p-145)
Tropical Color Flakes (http://store.everythingaquatic.net/flakes-freshwater-flakes-c-25_26_27/tropical-color-flake-p-156)

Check out all the specials at http://store.everythingaquatic.net/specials