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07-23-2015, 12:30 PM
Hi everyone,
I recently bought a small 30litre tank that unbelievable housed 1 large silver angel fish, 1 red tailed shark(2.5"), 1 leopard corydoras, 1 pleco( 2") & 1 large filter shrimp. I have moved them all to a slightly bigger 120 litre tank. They all seem to get along fine but I'm worried the rts will become too agressive for the other tank mates once he matures? I was also thinking of introducing 2-3 more juvie angels but I'm not sure how the angel will react. I've not kept angels before but have done some research since aquiring this new guy/girl n understand that they can pair up and become very aggressive. I do have two larger tanks 1 for cichlids and the other is unplanned. If I moved the angel to the 300litre tank stocked with some new angels maybe 4-5 wud that be better than 2-3 in the 120 litre or wud I be better to keep him/her on their own and add some other fish?? Any advice wud be much appreciated. Thanks ☺

07-24-2015, 07:39 PM
I usually follow these guidelines:

* Angels of similar size always do better together and are easier to introduce together. Very large differences in size have not gone well for me in the past.
* Angels are shoaling species but shoals do not usually contain a wide mix of ages/sizes so keep the sizes similar.
* Angels will spar to sort out a pecking order but so long as the sizes are well matched this is not usually a problem.
* Spawning changes everything... so prepare for it with large tanks or breeding tanks pairs can be removed to. Lip-locking can be traumatic to watch but they know what they are doing... it doesn't usually end badly and is often a sign that a pair is testing each other out and spawning is on the cards.
* A bully angel in one tank will eventually become assertive in another tank because that is their personality... they are like people in this regard... some angels are bullies but most are not. Evenly matched sizes helps to mitigate this.
* Angels will mostly leave other species alone unless they intend to eat them ;)
* If introducing angels with large differences in size I never introduce just one small one... 6 or so is a much better option. Small individuals often become a target but multiple smaller ones will shoal together and can take advantage of the benefits of being in shoal.

Red Tailed sharks are just a pain... I don't keep them anymore because every one I have ever kept has been a bully once they mature (they are like me.. the older I get the less patience and tolerance I have ;) ) and are a source of stress in a community tank with angels... that's just my personal experience... other's opinions may differ.

You don't say what other cichlids you are talking about. They are a diverse group from a very different countries/habitats/conditions. With any luck you are not talking about guapotes or rifters etc, ;)

My advice in this case would be to move the angel to the largest tank you can and try and find mature angels to put with the large one you already have to match the size as closely as possible.

08-18-2015, 01:01 PM
Thanks for your help. I have added 2 slightly smaller angels with him/her n put them all in with my gouramis, corys, bloodfin glass, plecos, kuhli loaches n platys, no problems yet 😊 I've left the rts in the 125l to rehome. My other tank houses haps n peacocks so won't be mixing anything in with them. Should I add more angels ?