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09-29-2015, 07:36 PM
Phenotype: Bulgarian Green F2 from fish shipped to USA by Raiko last fall

Quantity: 6

Size: Predime to dime at time of shipment

Genetics: Parents are a Blue crossed male (D/+ pb/pb bg/bg) and a Manacapuru crossed female (D/+ bg/bg). I see no indication to any of the 2 dozen surviving fry carrying the Dark gene. These fry will be pb/+ bg/bg with the possibility of the Dark gene. Due to the amount of glitter on the male (pictured below) there is a possibility that the offspring may develop glitter as well.

Description: Up for auction are 6 fry from Bulgarian Green parents. They are from the first spawn I've gotten and are currently pea sized. Due to their very slow growth (slower than DD Black fry) they may not be much larger than predime at the time of shipping.

Shipping Method - 2-Day UPS or Express Mail depending on bidder's location

Donator Name/Business - Dena Edwards/Everything Aquatic

Starting Bid: $40

Photos of the fry taken on Sept 20:

283 284 285

Photos of the parents:
286 288

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Here are a couple photos I took last weekend to give you a better idea of what to expect.....

308 309

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Congratulations Dinno28. Your winning bid is $65