View Full Version : Manacapuru-descent Silvers

09-30-2015, 11:35 AM
Donated Item: Manacapuru-descent Silvers (may have Philippine Blue gene and/or gold)

Phenotype: Silvers in a mix of crown colors including olive-green, mint-green, or orange-ochre.

Quantity: 6

Size: nickel to quarter

Genetics: +/+ and/or +/+ - +/pb and/or +/g - +/pb

Description: Excellent out-cross resources to counter the negative effects of highly inbred lineages; i.e. lineages with poor genetic diversity. Selection via "scoop-of-the-net."

Shipping Method - 1-2 day

Donator Name/Business - Theodore Santos/House of Orange

Starting Bid: $30