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10-29-2015, 04:01 PM
Nominations for the Standards Committee will be accepted during our November General Membership Meeting on Thursday, November 19, 2015.

Anyone interested in running for a seat on this committee should ensure their membership is current. Those who are not a member may join our organization prior to the November meeting when nominations will be accepted.

The Standards Committee is a group of five (5) members who are elected to a 2-year term. This standing committee is the group responsible for development of our resources and materials related to genetics, identification of genotypes and phenotypes as well as support of good breeding practices.

In the past the Standards Committee has developed our Conformation Guide, Naming Standards, supported development of the Genetics Calculator, developed a wide range of materials to help understanding of Growth Stages, developed our Culling Guide and the initial Phenotype Library. Current, ongoing projects include updating the Phenotype Library, groundwork for the Bulgarian Green gene and developing tools to improve knowledge and understanding of genetics.

Who can serve on the Standards Committee?

Any member in good standing regardless of the length of membership. Those will less than 90-days membership are unable to hold the chair, but are able to become a member of any committee.

What qualifications are required to run for a seat on the Standards Committee?

None, other than an interest in angelfish, a willingness to learn and an ability to devote a couple hours each month to the ongoing projects and to attend the meetings. It is a plus to have breeding experience, have judged or shown angelfish during a trade show or able to identify common phenotypes, possess a basic understanding of genetics, understand scientific approaches, etc.

However, this knowledge is not a requirement! We are willing to work with anyone who possesses an interest in helping out and in learning. We do not expect each member on this committee to come with a PhD. Life experiences are just as important.

Who is your go to expert?

Encourage others who have been helpful to you in your own education and understanding of angelfish care and/or breeding. Often individuals don't consider themselves an authority on a given topic when in fact they are!

When will nominations take place?

Nominations will be accepted via email or at the November General Membership Meeting. Anyone interested in being nominated must let another member know. You cannot nominate yourself! Further, anyone who is not currently a member of the organization who is interested in running for a seat on this committee, will need to purchase a voting level membership prior to our nominations.

Best of luck to everyone with an interest in participating on our Standards Committee and helping to guide the organization with our key purpose with setting the standards of freshwater angelfish.

11-19-2015, 05:24 PM
Nominations will occur during our membership meeting tonight!

11-19-2015, 07:08 PM
Please log into the Chat Room by clicking the tab at the top. Our meeting is starting now