• Newsletter Submission Guidelines

    We are excited to have you as a contributor to FinTAStic. We publish articles on various aspects of angelfish keeping, breeding, care, and more. Any content related to the fishkeeping hobby is a candidate for publication; however, when in doubt feel free to pitch a story idea before writing.

    We are looking for clear, well structured writing that is easy to read, but don’t worry if you’re not a journalist… simply proofread, share it with a close friend or family member, then send it to us for the final polish. Please research when necessary, cite sources, and present the conclusions accurately. Always confirm scientific names. For more stories an average ratio would be one-third text to two-third photos and illustrations.

    The Article

    • Submit as a Microsoft Word document (.doc) or plain text file
    • Include a suggested article title
    • If submitting a story about an aquarium, please introduce the tank and its concept, then describe interesting elements: filtration, lighting, substrate, water parameters, etc.
    • If writing a how-to, first introduce the project, then proceed step by step, don’t jump around
    • Quotation marks should be used on direct quotes only

    • Include links to relevant media when appropriate: videos, photo galleries, blog posts, web sites, etc. Content should be author owned or permission to use must be documented.

    Additional ideas for possible topics can be found at :http://www.angelfish.net/VBulletin/s...light=Articles.


    • Professional photography skills aren’t required; just send us your best shots

    • Files should be no smaller than 1600 x 1200 pixels at 100dpi
    • Acceptable file formats: JPEG, TIFF
    • Send unedited photos (not cropped preferred)
    • Clean your aquarium! Wipe the glass and siphon bottom debris
    • Try to compose photos that minimize distractions: heaters, cables, objects beyond the subject
    • Variety is the spice of life! Include wide angle, midrange, and close ups when possible

    Be sure to include a caption for every photo. Captions can be placed at the end of the story, but be sure to label captions and photos so we can match them!

    For more helpful tips, check out the February 2012 presentation on fish photography.

    Bio (Optional)
    If you’d like to include a bio or headshot at the end of your article, please write a short paragraph with a few details you’d like to share.

    Submitting Your Work
    All materials should be sent to newslettercommittee@theangelfishsociety.org. Large photo files might need to be sent in separate emails to prevent them from bouncing back. Remember to include your contact information in the Word document.