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    Baby Brine Shrimp

    Thread Starter: rb1219

    So just a quick question.I set up a brine shrimp hatchery and after 30 hours or so, I shut off the air pump and let it settle.I took a turkey baster and

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    Angelfish Fry

    Thread Starter: rb1219

    So I have about 40-50 angelfish fry that are a few days old. They are free swimming and some have red bellies.I have been feeding them hikari little bites.

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    Wildcross - Black Nanay

    Thread Starter: Danburns

    Wild-cross Black Nanays. F1 offspring from 100% Rio Nanay X Pinoy Zebra. Lace and Zebra Lace, het for Philippine Blue. We are really looking forward

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    Can I put eggs in with free swimming fry

    Thread Starter: rb1219

    I have about 75-80 free swimming fry about 2 days old.The pair that I took them from laid eggs again.Can I pull them and put them in with the free swimmers?

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    Ted dropped by the swap...

    Thread Starter: Mugwump yesterday and dropped off the green angels that I won in the TAS meeting drawing.....I must say that he's got a truly interesting project going

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