• Angelfish Standards and Guidelines

    The Standards Committee is responsible for defining the standards that will be the initial focus of the society. By strictly adhering to the employment of common nouns and complete avoidance of proper nouns/names when naming new genes, it is our hope that these standard nomenclature will help to avoid the widespread use of informal cute or catchy names for angelfish genes/genotypes Divergence from this will only serve to confuse the novice angelfish enthusiast not unlike its gross effect taking place within the Discus and Goldfish worlds. We will also be focused on setting standards for identifying the genotypes of the angelfish we breed and keep, and the genetic notations used to describe them.

    This elected committee strives to achieve the following objectives:
    • To adhere to the use of common nouns and avoidance of proper nouns when naming a new accepted gene into our recognized list.
    • To promote proper husbandry and breeding practices
    • To produce angelfish of superior value to the hobby
    • To assist in proper identification of wild angelfish species

    Below is a list the work completed to date: