• Genetic Notation

    The following are the guidelines set forth by the Standards Committee for genetic discussions:

    • Notation to be used for accepted genes:

    1. The letter designation of a gene name shall be its first letter unless that letter is already taken in which case the first two letters of the gene name shall be used
    2. The first letter will be uppercase if the gene is dominant to wild-type. The first letter will be lowercase if the gene is recessive to wild-type. The second letter will always be lowercase
    3. If the first two letters are already used for an existing gene notation, then the next available consonant in the gene name will be used for the second letter
    4. The first letters of each word will be used for genes with more than one word attached to them
    5. Wild-type will be designated by (+)
    6. The preferred written format will be to separate alleles with a (/). ex. for Hybrid Black D/g; for Smokey Sm/+. Fish that are dual-hybrids, tri-hybrids, etc. will have loci separated with a (-). ex. for Zebra Lace Z/+ - D/+ or Z/Z - D/+; for Halfblack Zebra Lace h/h - Z/+ - D/+

    • Genes accepted as being proven through Dr. Norton's work and their letter designations:

    1. Marble - M
    2. Zebra - Z
    3. Gold - g
    4. Stripeless - S
    5. Smokey - Sm
    6. Halfblack - h
    7. Gold marble - Gm
    8. Pearlscale - p (initially known as both Pearly and as Pearlscale)
    9. Streaked - St
    10. Veil - V
    11. Albino - a