• How to Submit a Gene Mutation

    Through both private and professional breeders, the freshwater angelfish genetics are bound to mutate. While it has been a few years since the last known mutation, the following is provided to help with the next successful mutation and identification:

    1. Initial crosses should include test crosses to prove the background genetics of the original parents
    2. Crosses should test for alleles with as many existing genes as possible
    3. Dominance or recessive ness characteristics should be clearly shown
    4. Photographs labeling phenotypes should accompany the study
    5. Phenotypes should be uniquely identifiable and statistically predictable
    6. Actual progeny counts should be included for all crosses, with the statistical reasoning behind the conclusion given
    7. Included should be the manner in which a person can obtain some of the same stock used in the study, in order to verify the results