• Photo Contest Rules

    Time Frame:

    • Photos will be accepted until voting opens
    • Voting will occur during the last week of the month


    • Photos may be cropped and resized, however, no color manipulation is allowed
    • Each member can enter up to 3 photos depicting different fish
    • Every attempt to capture the entire fish in the photo should be made
    • The subject matter should have the main fish centered in the photo
    • One photo per fish. Please do not post different sides of the same fish in a single contest
    • Please follow the Conformation Standards Guide: http://www.theangelfishsociety.org/f...tion-Standards
    • Do not reuse a photo that has won a past contest
    • Submitted photos should not have a watermark or visible print. Such photos will be deleted without notice

    Photos submitted to our contests may be used as examples in our Phenotype Library. If selected, credit will be given with the photo.

    If you experience any issues with uploading your photos or if you have suggestions or questions about our photo contests, please contact our Photo Committee at PhotoCommittee@theangelfishsociety.org.

    See http://www.theangelfishsociety.org/presentations/Photography2.pdf for tips on capturing that perfect photo.