• Forum Rules

    The following rules and guidelines are used to govern this website. Please follow them to remain an active member in good standing and to avoid issues while holding discussions with a multi-cultural group.

    Rule No. 1 - Language

    • We prefer that all postings are in English. If you are not comfortable with English, post in your native language and include a quote from Google Translator. Non-English posts that are not translated may be removed without warning.
    • When holding discussions with members in different languages, be courteous and post your response in English as well as in the language of the original poster. This extra step is a courtesy to improve communication and to not alienate our other members.
    • So that all members are comfortable, please refrain from using profanity, including the use of symbols to indicate foul language. Any outbursts or continued use of profanity will result in a warning or infraction.

    Rule No. 2 - Flaming, Bashing, and Trolling
    Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Treat others as you would expect them to treat you. We encourage postings that elicit an open debate, but please avoid discussions about religion, politics, gun control or any other topic where there are very strong opinions on both sides. Any heated debates will be stopped immediately. Postings that are designed to provoke a negative response or are designed to cause emotions to flare, may be removed without notice. These acts of trolling will not be tolerated and will result in an infraction or banning.

    Rule No. 3 - No Spam
    Purposely spamming any areas on this site system will not be tolerated. Non-aquatic advertising or commercial spamming are unwelcomed. And may be removed without notice.

    Rule No. 4 - Multiple Accounts / Impersonating Other Members
    Members are allowed a single account on the forum. Multiple member accounts for a single individual will result in all accounts being banned. Attempts to impersonate another member are strictly prohibited.

    Rule No. 5 - Copyrighted Materials Usage and Laws
    All materials posted on this site must conform to the laws of copyright, trademark or other proprietary right. Permission is required by law prior to use. All quotes and posted materials where you are not the originator require the following:

    • Never copy large volumes of text from another website. Instead, post a link to that source
    • If you are not the author of the text, please site the source
    • Photographic images fall under copyright laws. You must have permission to copy and use the image. Some websites have a disclaimer that their images may be used, giving you permission. But there are other sites that strictly forbid the use of their materials. If forbidden, do not copy or use such materials on this forum, instead place a link to the copyrighted material. If we ask for documentation to prove permission was granted, and it cannot be provided, all material will be removed and an infraction issued.
    • Any discussions on illegal activities are prohibited as well as the illegal action itself
    • Images of pornography, nudity or those that depict animal cruelty are strictly prohibited

    Rule No. 6 - Copying Posts/Materials Between Websites
    Do not make a posting on one website and then turn around and copy/paste it to another website. Any time this occurs, the search engines will penalize each website for publishing duplicate materials. Once flagged as such a website, the search engines will then remove all pages from their index. It is difficult to overcome such a branding and can kill a website over time.

    If you notice materials have been copied from another website to our forum or vice versa, please help us by using the Report Button. Duplicated materials will be removed from our website.

    Rule No. 7 - At Moderator or Site Administrator Discretion
    While our simple rules will help to guide the members, it is impossible to foresee every possible situation that may arise. Therefore, in the event anything may be questionable, our Moderators and Site Administrators may act in a way that may be deemed necessary, at their discretion.

    Rule No. 8 - Member's Store
    The Member's Store forum is to be used to offer aquarium use products only. Only those with at least 5 forum posts will be allowed to sell items. Any sales posting from members with fewer posting will be deleted and a warning or infraction issued. ALL members can purchase, however. There are no restrictions on who is able to purchase what is being offered by other members.

    Please keep all discussions regarding sales transactions to the Member's forum and out of the main forum.

    The Angelfish Society takes no part in any business dealings that may occur on our site. Proceed with a buyer beware attitude. The deal is made between two members on our site. Make sure the details and expectations for charges, delivery and guarantees are clearly stated before closing the deal. If any disputes should arise, please work it out between the purchaser and the buyer. Any public bashing of another member of this website will be deleted and the poster issued a warning.

    Rule No. 9 - Back to Back Postings and Bumping
    Help us to conserve server resources by not making back to back postings. We realize there a some situations, such as sharing many photos, that require back to back postings. But, when not dealing with this type of situation, we ask that our members use the Edit button to add another thought or to update a posted thread. Not only does this conserve server resources, but it also makes the thread much easier to read.

    Bumping a thread is defined by posting with the sole purpose of bringing the thread back to the top of the list. As our forum grows this can have a negative impact on another member who is needing emergent guidance. For this reason, bumping an unanswered thread should not be done more than once a day. If the post is regarding a serious issue then bumping at 4 hours will be allowed.

    Rule No. 10 - False Representation
    Any attempt by a member to falsely represent The Angelfish Society without the Board of Director's approval will be immediately banned from this forum. Further, if the individual is a paying member, their privileges will be suspended, pending investigation and possible expulsion per our Bylaws.

    Rule No. 11 - Notice of Copyright
    No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without prior written consent, with the following exceptions:

    1. Materials may be linked, but not copied, extracted or downloaded
    2. Short extracts may be quoted so long as our site is properly identified as the source (The Angelfish Society: http://www.theangelfishsociety.org)
    3. Photos are not included in this exception. Written consent is required prior to use

    For any other mode of sharing, please contact us at webmaster@theangelfishsociety.org to request written consent.

    Commercial use and distribution of the contents of the website is not allowed without express and prior written consent.

    Not a rule, but the Report Button has a purpose
    As our forum grows, it will be increasingly more difficult to identify questionable postings. For this reason there is a report button. Please use this button to report any posting that breaks our rules. One of our moderators or site administrators will quickly deal with the issue to resolve it as they see fit.
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