• Membership Agreement

    TAS Membership Agreement

    This agreement comprises the terms and conditions that apply to each member of The Angelfish Society. Certain expectations are made of every member to conduct the business affairs of the organization in accordance with all applicable laws, including our Bylaws, the laws governing non-profit organizations and general ethical standards. We want to be proud of The Angelfish Society and to know that it enjoys a reputation for fairness, honesty and is respected. The Angelfish Society’s reputation hinges on its members and how we conduct ourselves.


    Vision - The vision of The Angelfish Society is to become a respected educational source for angelfish genetics, proper care of freshwater angelfish and proper identification of wild angelfish species.

    Respect - We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We do not tolerate abusive language or disrespectful treatment. We believe in treating all members fairly, regardless of gender, race, color, language, religion, age, ethnic background, political or other opinion, national origin, or physical limitation.

    Integrity - We work with each other and members openly, honestly and sincerely. When we say we will do something, we will do it. We are dedicated to conducting the business affairs of the organization according to all applicable laws and with the highest professional and ethical standards.

    Code of Ethics - All levels of membership, including officers, directors and committee personnel, are expected to abide by high ethical standards in all dealings, including compliance with angelfish standards, conduction of the business affairs of the organization or participation in any aspect of the organization. All members should understand that conflicts of interest or detrimental behavior are not in the best interests of the organization and can diminish the integrity and quality of decision-making required by The Angelfish Society which may jeopardize the organization's reputation and public support.


    Membership privileges include access to areas for TAS members only. As a member, you agree to not share your personal access information with others, to respect the privacy of the information contained in membership lists and to not abuse, harass, spam, use the information for your own personal benefit, or otherwise use the content or information of those Members Only areas in a manner that is disrespectful of the privacy of other members, in violation of the copyrights of the organization, or in violation of any federal, state or local laws.

    Certain information is not "public" in the sense that it is not published or widely available to the public or general membership. As a result of membership, election to an officer position or board of directors, members may also from time to time have access to, or knowledge of, confidential business information such as ongoing projects, change of management or personally private issues that have been discussed by attendees during the course of such meetings. Members agree to respect the privacy of such information until it is publicly disclosed by the appropriate parties.

    Ownership of Information and Property:

    While a TAS member, any created tangible works are subject to copyright including, but not limited to presentations, databases, drawings, manuals, brochures and other medium of expression relating to the organization. The Angelfish Society shall be deemed the author or owner of such work. Members agree to assign to TAS all rights of ownership and copyright therein.

    All materials purchased for the furtherance of the objectives of the organization either for committees or members shall remain the property of the organization and shall be returned to TAS upon termination of said role for which the materials were purchased or upon termination of membership. Any TAS business records that members are in possession of during the performance of their work or duties remain the property of TAS. All documents shall be returned to TAS upon loss of position or closure of project.


    The agreements, policies and compliance with same are therefore part of the terms of membership in order to avoid harm to the goodwill and public image of the organization and to better ensure the expected high ethical standards. These policies apply to all members of The Angelfish Society. They are intended to provide guidance to members and are not intended to result in the imposition of liability on members that would not exist in the absence of such policies. Any person whose acts, statements, or conduct is considered detrimental to the welfare of the organization will be subject to the loss of membership in accordance with the procedure outlined in our Bylaws.

    Certificate of Compliance:

    You hereby agree that the remittance of dues by yourself or on your behalf for membership in this organization and by your registration on any areas where we hold a business presence (website, TAS Forums, Facebook Groups, etc) signifies your agreement to comply with our bylaws, the laws regarding not-for-profit corporations, high ethical standards and the policies or agreements enacted relating to same during the term of your membership with the organization.

    By maintaining membership you hereby agree to comply with all policies and agreements during the term of membership with the organization.

    The Angelfish Society reserves the right to amend, alter or terminate policies by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

    Adopted by TAS BOD on October 21, 2014