• Contacting Executive and Committee Members

    The following email addresses are to be used only to contact the individual or committee for The Angelfish Society business; or to contact us to share information. Anyone using them for spam will be blocked from out system, and if a member of TAS, will jeopardize their standing within the organization.

    Officer Email Addresses
    President tas_president@theangelfishsociety.org
    Secretary tas_secretary@theangelfishsociety.org
    Treasurer tas_treasurer@theangelfishsociety.org
    Board of Directors tas_bod@theangelfishsociety.org
    Committee Email Addresses
    Standards Committee StandardsCommittee@theangelfishsociety.org
    Bylaws Committee BylawsCommittee@theangelfishsociety.org
    Newsletter Committee NewsletterCommittee@theangelfishsociety.org
    Photo Committee PhotoCommittee@theangelfishsociety.org
    Website Management
    Webmaster webmaster@theangelfishsociety.org
    Website Corrections website_corrections@theangelfishsociety.org