• President's Message - January 2015

    Well, this section was requested about 2 years ago and has gone unused ever since. It is high time we change that! So, let's start off with the basics. Who is The Angelfish Society? What does this organization stand for?

    This organization was built on the idea that a collection of angelfish enthusiasts, breeders and business owners would share their knowledge to educate others on how to care for these regal freshwater fish as well as to offer pointers on breeding, how to improve the health of the species overall to avoid too much inbreeding and other husbandry practices that could weaken the individual specimens, and setting acceptable standards that the society as a whole establishes.

    It is these initial goals that we need to get back to! The Angelfish Society is a place for anyone with interest in freshwater angelfish. It does not matter if you have years of experience with breeding angels or if you are thinking about getting your first angelfish. Every one of us has different experiences and knowledge to share to help the organization as a whole attain its goals.

    How can our members help The Angelfish Society succeed?

    Does it mean you must breed angelfish? Must you be an expert to participate? No and no! The Angelfish Society is a place where anyone with an interest in freshwater angelfish can get together to share experiences, offer advice and to even suggest recommendations to others. It does not matter if you are a new hobbyist or an experienced breeder. We can still learn from each other!

    We offer a variety of avenues to share knowledge. These venues include:

    *Our forum on this website. Just click the Forum tab at the top of this page. Both members and those interested in angelfish can join our forum.

    *Friday Night Chats in our chat room. On Friday evenings during the hour (8 PM EST / 7 PM CST / 6 PM MST / 5 PM PST / 4 PM AST / 3 PM HST) join us in a live chat. Ask our members for advice on an issue or concern you may have regarding your aquarium or fish; or share your experiences with your own tank(s).

    *In our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheAngelfishSociety/) where both members and non-members come together to share their experiences and offer advice.

    If the above sounds like something you would want to be a part of then please consider becoming a member and help our organization to grow and reach new heights! Just click the Join Us! tab at the top and follow the instructions to become a member.
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      Danburns -
      Good words, Dena! Glad to see this article finally being delivered, good on ya!
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      catsma_97504 -
      Thank you Dan.
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      Jao -
      Thanks, Dena.