• President's Message - April 2015

    Hopefully Spring has arrived to everyone living in the northern hemisphere. It has been a very rough year weather-wise. I know for me in the Pacific Northwest, Spring is here, and it shows in my tanks as well. Very happy couples producing a bounty of fry for me to raise and house. No idea how I am going to find room for more tanks, but my MTS is flaring again.

    We had a very productive meeting in April. I want to thank everyone who attended. One item to watch out for is a list of things our members do to help raise and care for young angelfish. It was a very active discussion and great seeing everyone sharing their processes and giving newer breeders tips on success. This list is sure to be helpful for everyone wanting to take that first dive into breeding or who may be struggling with becoming a successful breeder.

    Wanted to provide a quick update on our tax exempt status. If you were not already aware, last fall we learned that our tax exempt status had been revoked in 2011. The Treasurer and I researched this matter and discovered that our past leadership was misinformed and failed to submit the required tax documents to the IRS each year. We filed the required paperwork and have received confirmation that our tax exempt status has been reinstated, and that our organization is classified as a Public Charity under the NFP umbrella. Further, now that we are again tax exempt, our Treasurer has filed the require paperwork for the 2014 tax year to make us fully compliant again.

    Also, as a reminder, we are taking steps to implement our new Membership Levels which take affect on May 1, 2015. As this is a significant change for our organization there are liable to be a few bumps along the way. We ask for your patience and understanding while we work through all the steps to implement the membership changes. Any time you have a question or are concerned about this process, please contact our Treasurer at tas_treasurer@theangelfishsociety.org. She will respond to your query as soon as possible.

    Hope everyone stays safe and warm over the next month!! With hurricane forces, temperatures bouncing around, riots on the east coast and the earthquake in Nepal, there are many things happening across the globe drawing our attention.