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    Philippine Blue Gene

    Hi Friends,

    I was wondering If someone could assist me.

    I got a few PB Angels ( Striped ) , I`ve managed to breed them to Gold females , and Black Females.

    Here`s the question.

    I saw the...
  2. I have a PB Pair that lay eggs , which turn white...

    I have a PB Pair that lay eggs , which turn white in about a 24 - 36 hours , are you saying that they COULD be fertilised , but there`s a problem with the water conditions ? I have a black pair that...
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    Hello From South Africa

    Hello friends,

    My name is Shaun Graham , I`m based in Johannesburg South Africa. I`m an Angel Enthusiast and I`ve been breeding Angels for about a year now.

    This forum fascinates me, I`m...
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