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    Super cool! It's fun to see all the progress...

    Super cool! It's fun to see all the progress you've made!
    I've purchased 2 green angels now and raiko says neither are green. So I was duped apparently! Boo!

    Id love to get my hands on some to...
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    environmental influences on pearlscales

    I have read that expression of pearlscales is highly affected by environment. I have now had two different pearlscale pairs produce babies that never expressed it in my care. But babies from the same...
  3. My pearlscales are not producing pearlscales. What gives?

    Hi everyone. I am new here. I have been breeding angelfish for 3 years and have had many different pairs and raised lots of batches of babies. I am a bit addicted to the hobby. haha
    I decided to...
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