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Thread: Please help! Red Nose and droopy fin

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    Please help! Red Nose and droopy fin

    Need help.
    I have a platinum white angel and her nose has gotten red as well as a red line where her fin meets her body. Also has begun drooping a little. I am not sure what to do... ammonia and ph levels are fine. How can I save my little angel?

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    Hello and Welcome

    Sorry your little Angel isn't feeling well. Can you post the exact readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? Are there other fish in the tank?

    Doing daily water changes would be a good idea or even better is moving into a suitable size quarantine tank.

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    There may be many reasons for these symptoms. As for the red nose, in my experience it has happened to my angels after they have gotten into a fight, since they lock mouths with eachother when showing aggression. The red lines are most likely stress, from bullying, bad water conditions, or malnutrition.
    The droopy fins has never happened to my angels, but I'd assume it is weak, or maybe even deformed. I would recommend you to move it to a quarantine tank and treat it with medicine special for healing fins, if its not a deformed angel, and see what happens.
    I hope it heals.


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