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Thread: 2 pix of bg Angels

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    These are two of three that I have. Two are showing dark blotches on the body like the one on the left. The one on the right is not.

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    What size are they? They look young still. Good luck working with them.

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    They are just about silver dollar size now. Have you seen the dark splotches on any of your fish? At that size, does it seem likely that they will retain the black in the dorsal and anal fins?

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    No I have not see the spotty black markings on my Bulgarian Green angels. It is possible the lighter one carries Philippine Blue genes and the darker ones carry at least one Dark gene. But once they start breeding you can figure out their genetics.

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    At what size should I expect them to reach sexual maturity?

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    Sounds like they are close. Just have to keep an eye on them.


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