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Thread: 120 (7') grow out filtration

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    120 (7') grow out filtration

    Hello community,
    I'm fairly new to the forum so bare with me please if I'm misstepping on anything. So I've aquired a 7' 120gal and intend to use it as a grow out tank for Pinoy. This is my first encounter with a large a tank so I'm curious about filtration. I normally just use sponge filets and have experimented with some of the rocket filters in my 55's & 90's. But have been kicking around the sump idea. I'd like to get it up and running on air power while I build the sump if I go that route. So I guess my question here is what would be my most efficient route here? Cost is always a concern but not at the expense of the stock obviously. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated and as always thank you for your time and help.

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    Alright so I've come to us HMF on alot of my second stage grow tanks, mostly 55 gallons for Q size angels. I use powerheads at the water line, back corner, to get optimum flow and this also covieniently keeps the bottom clean as the current sweeps across the top and comes back as it hits the far wall. I use a powerhead rated a bit small for the tank to ensure the current isn't too much for my juvi's, currently a 120gph in my 55's.
    I started doing this to maximize space and bioload of these tanks which usually have no more then a couple potted plants in a bare bottom. So now I've recent set up 3 150s all with 2 hydro pro 5s and am curious if this would work in the larger tanks as well. My second guessing comes in with the flow a larger tank would need to maintain the same effects. I have a aquatop 22 rated at the 317gph optimally I intend to try this evening. Now this tank will hold adults as a community. So my reasoning for posting this is to see if anyone had used these set ups with there angels. It started as an experiment but have had great results in the smaller tanks as long as I use an under powered pump for the tank size. I have designs to house my Rios in this setup, trying to mimic the light flow of the river. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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