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Thread: Structural Joint sealant for 120

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    Where are you when you did it? Looking for answers, I'm not the type to just slap something together with whatever is on sale at Walmart sorry. I could be wrong but I thought that's what this whole forum was about.... Am I missing something out just being confronted with some reason I've never been interested in being apart of one. I'm not sure it matters at this point but yea... Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by chefrob1027 View Post
    It's missing half the joint seal and inner seal,
    Here's what you do:

    • Scrape out ALL the silicon from joints and in the process, make sure no thin layer of old silicon remains. Run your finger thru the scraped glass and feel whether any silicon is left. You can use fine steel wool to remove any.

    • Clean the areas where silicon will touch using acetone. Run your finger through it once again to ensure there isn't any silicon left. Since your finger may oil it, clean it one last time with acetone.

    • Cut a tiny opening on the silicon applicator nozzle and run a bead on the missing silicon area. Use your finger to work it into the space. Do a second pass with silicon then slide your finger until the space is filled.

    • Cut the nozzle to the proper bead size then apply silicon on all 8 joints (4 corners + 4 base-to-side corners).

    • Tool the laid out silicon immediately beginning with the joint that you fixed prior.

    • Let it cure for 5 days with the tank covered to be sure it's fully dry. Once you uncover it, there should not be any whiff of vinegar.

    • Fill tank with water and let it sit for a week to ensure it doesn't leak.

    Only break it down completely if the above doesn't work. Re-assembling a tank that size from scratch is very difficult work so if you can avoid it, avoid it at all costs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chefrob1027 View Post
    Thank you Mudwump,
    Are you speaking of the Outer or inner seal? Something this large? I'm sorry I'm a bit new to this large a tank so I just want to be sure that the adhesive is solid. I'm not completely sure if it matters by tank size or if it's all the same and the glass takes the majority of the pressure. Call me a newbie if you'd like I'm just looking for the know how of someone who's been down this road before.
    I used it on a 130 gal..........but the GE works well too......just dive in and do's not a steep learning curve...
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    These are the things I was looking for. Again, I was prepared to break down the whole tank and strip it ALL and put it all back together. And as a tank this large needs thicker glass, my main concern was that the normally used GE 1 or RTV 108 would not be strong enough on the structural seal. I have both GE 1 and RTV 108 on hand as I've done numerous tanks but nothing even half this size.

    So I will clean the inner silicone and the void in the structural seal, acetone it. Fill void with GE 1, cure for 24 hours. Continue as planned with complete reseal of inner tank seams with GE 1. 5 days cure time, test fill 5 days.

    I appreciate the clarity...


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