Ok so I read through the previous thread with a similar title and see it had nothing to do with my questions so here it goes. I have paired a female pure blood F2 Rio with a Pinoy ghost veil wide I picked from a batch a grew out from angelmania.net(3 generations removed) . Now they have spawned 5 times, the first 2 times I let them keep the eggs as I like to let parent raise in my hatchery. The last 3 times of taken then to artificially hatch, trying new methods each time with no success. The eggs are covered in fungus by the 48 hour mark each time I left them in the tank. The first artificial try I used meth blue in the appropriate does, they didn't fungus but where all white at the 48 hour mark. The 4th time I tried hydrogen peroxide at 10 drops per gallon. Again all white at 48 hours. The 5th spawn is in a jar right now with parent tank water no additive and is been just shy of 24 hours, about 10 percent are white. I fear the same result. So my question here is should I be getting something different or do I move on assuming I have a problem (my guess is with the male)? I'm struggling here as I really wanted this pair to work for obvious reasons. I do have 5 other Nanas none of which are paired, really trying to selectively pair these. Any and all feed back would be greatly appreciated, as I'm not a pro here and have only been working with angels about a year now. Thanks you.