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Thread: Not eating and white poop

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    Not eating and white poop

    Hey 5 of my newest angels that i got have been fine for first 3 weeks but in the recent week 2-3 of them have stopped eating and have white stringy poop and have become alot more inactive than normal but not overly inactive. So Im guessing its some sort of internal parasite???????

    Here in New Zealand i am unable to get medicated foods for internal parasite/bacteria (not that they would eat it at this stage anyway) so what are some opinions on how i could cure this??

    I know im going to get asked for my water parameters, but the only test kit i can find at the moment is a ph test kit, but i would find it unlikely? that the water has spiked as all other fish in the tank are fine. its just my young 5 Black lace young that have this disease??? (black lace are quite rare in new zealand so would hate to lose them)

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