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    Wink Forum Style

    I thought that it was kind of funny that some of the styles you are using I created LOL. I created them when I started another site with a friend, but I was never interested in the site and it wasn't fishkeeping related so I closed it down. Now my only site is my fishkeeping site Utah Fishkeepers. I didn't realize that you guys were using my styles

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    Not sure what gave you that idea. We are using the styles provided by vBulletin. And I created the Dark templates based off the templates they bundle with the software.

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    The white style looks identical to this style I released on and the blue style looks identical tp this style I released on

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    Again, all styles were bundled by vBulletin that are used on this website. We simply used their software to offer color variations or those templates provided by vBulletin in their software. I guarantee we have not intentionally used your stylesheets/templates or any other materials you may have developed and shared with vBulletin. Maybe you should contact them directly if you have concerns.

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    The only style that comes with vbulletin is the default style.

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    Share your concerns with vBulletin. There is no point in continuing with this discussion when I know for a fact you are misinformed and making assumptions. I set up this forum and used the template tools myself to create color variations in addition to the templates bundled by vBulletin.

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    So you used the style generator? I could be wrong, but the blue style looks very similar to this one

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    .....soooo what's you're point?

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    My point is that the blue style looks identical to the one I released. I made it with the style generator lol

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    Our former president, the late Tamar Stephens was still alive when Dena started work on this site, correct me if I'm wrong Dena - that was some 4 to 5 yrs. ago. Seems like a popular style since I've seen it in 2 other sites unrelated to angelfish. I also went to the URL you included. I fail to see the resemblance neither in its color scheme nor implementation.
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