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Thread: Number of angels that can live healthily in a 60 gallon tank

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    Number of angels that can live healthily in a 60 gallon tank

    I am planning on building a 60 gallon tank to house my 5 angelfish (2 silvers, 2 marbles, 1 gold) which I currently have in 2 tanks.
    I want to know if 60 gallons is enough for 5 angelfish(3 are 9 months old, and 2 are 6 months old).
    If not how many gallons would be best?
    If 60 gal is enough, what percent water changes should is recommended for its stocking? I will probably add a small school of cory cats to it. (4-6)

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    Welcome to the TAS Forum!

    General stocking rule is 20 gallons for the first adult angelfish; and 10 gallons for each additional one. So, the 60 gallons you are planning would work quite nicely.

    As for water changes, most attempt to change around 50% weekly. There are many variations however, such as filtration used, if there are live plants, dither and other community fish, etc. Pick up a nitrate test kit. And do enough water changes to hold the nitrates at 20PPM or lower. That will maintain a healthy environment for the fish.

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    That's great! I have another question. . . I'm seeing that a lot of the dimensions online for a 60 gal is 48 by 13 by 24. Is that a good size for angelfish? or what would you recommend

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    For scalare angels you want 18 inches or deeper to allow their fins to grow properly, especially if you have veils or super veils. If you were keeping altums, you'd need a much deeper tank.

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    Ok great then! I have Silver angelfish, marbles and gold all veils, so 2 feet deep should suffice. I did change the dimensions to 41 long 20 wide and 24 tall i did not need such a long tank!


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