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Thread: Hello from Southern California

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    Hello from Southern California

    I couldn't keep the fish I used to keep anymore, so after 15-20 years of no fish keeping, I re-started looking for fish that is allowed in California. And now that my largest tank is 40 gallon, decided to go with angelfish, and converting the larger tanks to coldwater fish.

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    Welcome to TAS!

    We have many breeders in our organization. I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for.

    Not sure what type of angelfish you are looking for, but I have a variety....and most are on sale through December (up to 50% off) as well.

    Prebreeders (Gold Marble and Marble mostly) $9 each
    Juveniles (Philippine Blue types, quarter size and smaller) $3 and up
    I have a variety of adults available as well. $24 and up

    As I'm in Southern Oregon, you are probably in my UPS Ground zone for overnight delivery. So, would estimate shipping to be around $15-20.

    Let me know if you'd be interested.


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