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Thread: Angelfish with a 4 inch Tilapia?

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    Angelfish with a 4 inch Tilapia?

    Could an angelfish live with a tilapia that is 4 inches long? Maybe 2 angelfish.....

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    I wouldn't.

    Angelfish are tropical with an ideal temperature range of 78-82F. Tilapia are cold water species with an ideal range in the low 70sF. Not to mention the fact that tilapia are most often raised as a food fish and need to be treated very different from our aquarium species. For example, you cannot use most water conditioners or any medications commonly used in the hobby with food fish.

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    Yeah ok its been in an aquarium with a heater all its life and has grown to half a foot eats crazy and has built a nest already in the sand he seems happy and healthy but wont be able to keep him very much longer. Thx fror you reply


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