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Thread: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

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    Hello from Eastern Tennessee

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I learned to love the aquarium hobby when I was a teenager back in the 1960's. Started with small community tanks and over the years graduated to bigger community tanks. I used to read just about every Aquarium magazine out there and in doing so I became fascinated with the Discus in the late 1980's. At that time most of the stock available was either wild or artifically raised fry. The most colorful fish for several years available to me were some wild Tefe greens. Then along came Jack Wattley's solid turquoise and the show was on. I kept discus until my wife's death in 1998 at which time I moved to another state and thus did not keep fish again for about 3 years. Being in Florida at the time there were an abundance of saltwater fish available so I put in a 150 gallon salt water system with some clownfish, tangs and a beautiful Copperbanded Butterfly. All went well until I again had to relocate. After moving I put in a 180 gallon Discus only tank with some of the "newer" color strains. It was hard to believe how hardy and colorful these Discus were from the fish I knew from the 1980's. Around 2005 I retired from my company and moved to Tennessee. I fully intended to put up a new discus tank but the regions electric power company made me an offer to go back to work for a while so I put the aquarium on the back burner. Just about 3 weeks ago I was draining the water from an outdoor container pond to get it ready for winter. My wife knew that I had put a half dozen or so mosquito fish in the container for mosquito control. She did not know how quickly they had propagated and when she saw them she asked what I was going to do with them. I told her they were very cheap, very replaceable and very expendable. This was not acceptable to her so she went out and bought a 20 gallon tank that now is in the family room. She saved the mosquito fish but looking at the tank made me miss some of the aquariums in my past. So guess what. I going to put in a new system very soon. I don't quite have the room to put in the large systems I have had before but I can do 60-75 gallons. The location of the tank will require that it be planted and it will be extremely awarkward to do the number and volume of water changes that I found to be required to keep Discus happy. I have always loved the Angelfish but have never raised them. That's about to change. This tank will be set up expressly for the Angelfish. I will be seeking all information and advice as to how to be sucessful with them as well as recommended sources. The fish I see photos of today are not the angelfish of my youth so I have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to the journey. Sorry for the length of my first post.

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    Welcome to TAS! Sorry for the delay in approving your post, but we were hit hard by spammers. I almost missed your post!


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