Hi everyone. I am new here. I have been breeding angelfish for 3 years and have had many different pairs and raised lots of batches of babies. I am a bit addicted to the hobby. haha
I decided to join this forum because I hope someone can help me determine why my pearlscale angelfish are not producing pearlscales. I need some expertise!!

From what I understand, if an angelfish expresses the pearlscale trait, they carry two pearlscale genes. And if both parents are pearlsale, then 100% of the offspring should be pearlscale. Many studies were done proving this and I have read an article on here that talks about it.

I have had two different pearlscale pairs now. One pair was an albino pearlscale and a gold pearlscale. They produced zebras and clowns and white golds. But not a single one has pearlscales. I have seen dime sized angels with pearlscales, so it isn't something that they normally develop late. But still, I raised 5 into young adulthood hoping maybe they were late developers. But no....they are young adults, their Bodies bigger than half dollars, and still no pearlscales.

My other pearlscale pair was a platinum pearlscale and a Philippine blue pearlscale. 100% of the babies were blue silvers (Philippine blues) but not a single one was pearlscale. Again I raised several into young adulthood, again hoping they were late developers...but NOTHING!!!!

Is there some sort of environmental factor involved or something??? I mean...this defies everything my thorough research has taught me! Please help me shed some light on this! Because my dream project was to breed pearlscales. So needless to day, I was pretty pumped when those two pairs formed. And pretty crushed when they didn't produce pearlscale offspring.

Sorry for the novel, please help me figure out what is going wrong here! I'm so confused!
Thanks for your time!!!