Looking at the member list it's clear that some people are still visiting the forum, but since, as far as I can see, there have been no new posts in the last 2 months, doing so seems like a pretty futile and disheartening exercise.
It would seem that TAF II has now gone, all those years of experience and accumulated knowledge lost into the ether, yet not a peep about it's demise here.
TWAF disappeared a few years ago now, so now we're left with the banality of Facebook angelfish pages, filled with photos of Bettas and "how do I sex my angelfish?" posts, or the empty echo chamber that this forum seems to be currently.
Surely someone somewhere wants to have in depth discussions, serious debates, or simply to record and share the progress of their breeding projects in a forum where what they have to say and report can be found, accessed and responded to, if necessary in years to come?
Surely we haven't all become so enslaved to the instant gratification of smiley faces on photographs that we no longer care about the bigger picture?
Surely we don't all think we know it all, and have nothing to learn from the experiences of others?

In short, "Is there anybody out there?"