Quick question to anyone with experience of raising albino fry.

In general I like to let my fish parent raise, but albinos seem to struggle with this presumably because their eye sight isn't as good as non albinos. Because of this I pinched a recent spawn from an albino pair and hatched them out in a 10 litre (roughly 2.5 US gallon) tank. I usually run my tanks at about 80-82of but this hatching tank came with a mini heater preset to 75of. I would expect the lower temperature to have an impact on how fast they develop, but have still been surprised by just how slowly they have...
eggs were laid on 21st November, they hatched on 24th November and the youngsters started going free swimming today 2nd December, even now most are yet to fully lift off!

Are albinos slower to hatch/free swim than other varieties or is the delay entirely down to the lower temperature?