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Thread: Dantum angelfish

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    Dantum angelfish

    Who is raising Dantums? I have a young group of 4 that I bought from Steve Rybicki. He claims they are said to come from Altums. They certainly do look like altums but don't seem as finicky as the altums that I had many years ago. Mine are now larger than silver dollar and were maybe between 25 and 50 cent size this summer when I got them. Just wondering who else keeps them and wonder how large they may grow........if they get as large as altums. I am very new to the group, not at all new to fishkeeping. I started raising guppies when I was 4 years old and am now 67. I was raising a lot of angelfish 20 years ago, took a few years off from them but back into it now. Enjoying the hobby again. Thanks for any info and chatter.


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    ...Dantums aren't Steve mentioned the albino comes from a different loci than the albino gene we've known about for years.....they should grow as large as most domestic breed angels
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    Thanks very much for the reply. I had read that someone else thought they may be from Peru Altums. Myself, I do not know the difference between the two and would be glad to know. I have seen that people do differentiate between the two so understood that there is some difference. I don't know what I had years ago but being so finicky, I suspect they were true altums, as they were supposed to be. I also read the thread about the dantums being a different albino gene. It is very interesting and I will probably test them myself with other albino angels, just for fun. I hope to breed their type into some other angels as I do appreciate their form, which is very "altum-like" with very long extended fins and ventrals for fish that are standard fin. Thanks again,



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