Hi I just registered today and I wanted to introduce myself. I've been in the hobby off and on for a better part of 15 years. Most of my experience is planted tanks but I have kept a wide variety of fish over the years.

I recently got a group of dantum angels. From what I understand they are regular angels but they do look very nice. I have a bunch of Juvies in my 90 gallon planted tank along with some normal marble angels and several other fish.

All in to total there are 10 angels in my tank.
18 cardinal tetra's
4 Platinum rams
6 amano shrimp
6 nerite snails
and 1 otto (once part of a school of 10)

I've never really kept angels before and I intend on keeping these long term so I thought I'd join the forum to learn more about them. I do plan on thinning out the group as they get older hopefully some pair off or I will sell a few. Admittedly the marbles were a bit of an impulse buy and at the time I had thoughts of setting up a 125 gallon tank but that now isn't going to happen. I'd like to keep them all but I feel in a few months time with the fish I have in there now the tank will be overstocked.