Hi I am new to tas but not to angelfish. I had joined a angel forum several yrs ago and due to moving out of state I sadly had to unwillingly give up on the hobby. I am back and plan on staying with it this time. I went by the screen name obssesedaquarist.
I have done a fish less cycle this time on a 78g oceanic... well a 75g to make things more simple. I am getting some new juvies angels Tuesday and the most Awesome goal recently achieved is a 78g tank fully cycled in 6 days total time. Seeded with a established hob and sand substrate. That Blew my mind completely.

I currently have a 78g planted aquarium with 2 350 bio wheel hob filters and two 60g sponge filters with a 3rd on the way. Plants are currently in the 78g are 6 Amazon swords java fern windluv split up on dw and on a piece of my slate rock cave anubia butterfly on my slate cave anubia nana on dw 20+ vallisneria spiralis and approximately 16 vallisneria gigantic and a small tri sword. Going to be growing out 11 juvie angelfish.
I also have a 10g platy tank being used as my plant nursery to establish good roots before transitioning more plants to the angelfish tank. More amazon swords in pots two big a baby and the crown from a sword I recieved free from a past coworker along with some stem plants.
I will be getting a few more sword variants ocelet melon and rubin for the angel tank to add color to the sword forest.
Also have a 30g oceanic hex for a spawning tank w j.g wn the time comes they start pairing off.

My name is Robert and I suffer from angelfish fever and mts. Maybe some will remember me then again maybe not that was around 2012 I joined taf II forum *RIP*.
I'm looking forward to learn and see stunners. All I can say is the phenotypes that I will be receiving will be jaw dropping beautiful stunners.

I'm looking forward to learning from the professional hobbyists. L