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Thread: My first tank ?

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    My first tank ?

    I would like to set up a Angelfish tank 55gal with live plants and want to do it right from the start.What pumps,filters,sand or gravel, co2.How would you set it up.Thank you for your help...

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    Welcome to the forum Larry! I'm a bare bottom tank person myself, but someone will be along to offer suggestions I'm sure. Whatever you choose to go with you got the first part right,,,,Angelfish!

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    With live plants, substrate is a matter of choice. I have grown plants in both course sand and pea gravel. Many also choose to use a nutrient rich plant substrate. Of the ones I have worked with, they do offer a jump start for healthy, thriving plants; but their downside is that once the nutrients have been depleted they become nothing more than a very expensive substrate.

    All in all lighting is the key to a successful planted tank. Research the types of plants you want. Do they require low light or high light? Attempts to grow high light plants in a low light environment will end in failure just the same as attempting to grow full sun plants in full shade in your outdoor garden. Also, keep in mind the more light over a tank the greater need for CO2. Lower light tanks do not need CO2.

    If you decide to use CO2, then look at an injected system, if you can afford it. They can be spendy! I had to initially run my first planted tank with DIY CO2 which is a line of 2 liter bottles that contain a yeast-sugar mixture to create the gas. You could use either system on a 55G; however, the DIY route must be closely monitored as an unstable CO2 level can trigger algae.

    Depending on how much of a bioload you will have, on how much of a demand for a filter. I would still look at a good filter. Better safe than sorry. Only thing I would change is to not use activated carbon as it would absorb the fertilizers and keep them away from your plants.

    For the best bang for the buck, look at dry ferts. GreenLeaf Aquariums has a starter pack for around $20 plus shipping. That starter pack will last you over a year!!

    Have fun planning, purchasing and setting up your new tank!!! Please post pictures and share you experience.

    Welcome to our site.

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    Hola Larry, en relación a la filtración, yo soy partidario de usar dos filtros combinados en vez de uno sólo y potente, la ventaja se presenta en asegurar que ante la avería del mismo el acuario siga funcionando aunque sea bajo mínimos, hasta la reparación del filtro averiado.

    La suma del agua ciclada de los dos filtros sería la del filtro único.

    Un saludo

    Quote Originally Posted by Google translator
    Hi Larry, regarding the leak, I am in favor of using two combined filters instead of just one and powerful, the advantage is presented to ensure that before the breakdown of the aquarium itself continues to operate even under minimal-repair faulty filter.

    Cycled water sum of the two filters would be the single filter.

    A greeting


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