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    My name is Dino and I have been a fishkeeper for over 3 decades. I have a 20 x 50 foot fishhouse with 200 aquaria, of which about 20 are running ( long unneeded story of trying to keep an ex happy by cutting back with my fishkeeping, here).
    I have modded/admined at several fish and plants sites over the years and currently mod at Dena's Everything Aquatic.
    I also have a BS in biology.

    While I have no angels currently, that should change when I go to the Atlanta fall auction at the end of the month.

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    Hey Dino. Didn't recognize you at first!

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    Hola Dino, me agrada encontrar compañeros en el Foro.

    Nos podrías colocar alguna foto de tus acuarios.

    Un saludo

    Quote Originally Posted by Googletranslator
    Hi Dino, I like to find partners in the Forum.

    We could put a picture of your aquarium.

    A greeting

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    I have an avatar up now. Thanks for your help getting me situated.

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    Awesome to see new faces, welcome Dino!

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    Just tell me one person that doesn't LOVE SANTA! Dino nice to meet you! I always wondered what Santa did on his time off. Now I know LOL!

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    When he is not at the post office, he is taking care of his fish and plants.

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    Lol... now there's a sight to behold, Santa is into angelfish!


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