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Thread: This is my 100 g, angelsfish tank,

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    This is my 100 g, angelsfish tank,

    This is my 100 gallon fish tank house with angels fish, i have 3 Assassin snails, 15 young angels , of the blues ghost , Pinoy Ghost, also a few young Pinoy ghost, 1 sliver,And a platiuuim angel,
    The filters i have on this tank are, 1 large 125- sponge filter, 1 cast cade canister 1000,trying to learn about the live plants , just added some drift wood few wks, ago,Click image for larger version. 

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    Great colors to contrast the blues of your angels!

    If/When you want to jump into live plants, let me know. I'd be more than happy to help get you started.

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    Precioso acuario Debs, felicidades.

    Quote Originally Posted by Google translator
    Beautiful aquarium Debs, congratulations.

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    Thank u Ateyu, trying to help the angels feel at home,

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    Thank u catsma97054 , its fun to play in the tank set it p differents ways,

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    Ok cool thanks catsma 97504 , i have a few live plants in my tanks , one of my rose swords plants lots all their leaves, but i notice the other day i have all new growth at the bottom of the plant, the sword plant i put into a clay pot dont look to good,,so what am i doing wrong??

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    Thank u so much Atreyu I love working on my tanks to make them look pretty,,

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    Thank u Kat J.

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