I have been struggling with my Smokeys (Blue and Pinoy) to get them to breed. At 1 year, they paired off and started spawning, but the males were not fertilizing the eggs. I was having a hard time accepting that every male was sterile, so I patiently waited and was becoming frustrated.

Then, about 4 months ago disease struck. I have spent enough money on drugs that I could have set up a 300G Saltwater tank by now!!! It has been quite a struggle. My 13 smokeys have dwindled down to just 3 . I now have a Blue Smokey female, Blue Smokey Pearlscale male and a Pinoy Smokey male that is Streaked.

The two Blues are my last pairing. They have been spawning all along, even with treating the tank for disease. I never collected the eggs as they never seemed to even hatch.

BUT.....a few weeks ago I found wrigglers!! They were gobbled up once they made it to free swimming. But I knew that my male had finally matured. Not wanting to spread disease, and not having a free tank for the pair, I waited for the next spawn and moved the eggs into a small tank.

And.....today I have free swimmers!!!! Had to dust off the BBS equipment as I haven't had any fry all year due to various issues. Hope the BBS eggs are good...lol

Here are photos of the parents..........

Blue Smokey Pearlscale, male:

Blue Smokey, female: