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Thread: Member's Store

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    Member's Store

    This forum has been created for our members to buy and sell aquarium items.

    Anyone can purchase, but only those who participate on the forum (just 5 posts) will be allowed to attempt to sell items.

    The Angelfish Society takes no part in any business dealings that may occur on our site. Proceed with a buyer beware attitude. The deal is made between two members on our site. Make sure the details and expectations for charges, delivery and guarantees are clearly stated before closing the deal. If any disputes should arise, please work it out between the purchaser and the buyer. Any public bashing of another member of this website will be deleted and the poster issued a warning.

    Thank you for abiding by these very simple rules.

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    Nice store.....but it needs a coffee pot someplace ....good idea to open at this location, it looks like it'll be a busy intersection soon.

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    That was fast. Hopefully we will see some items for sale soon.

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    Thanks to the BOD for approving this. TAS members may benefit from an announcement about this opportunity.


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