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Thread: Hi, I'm Sin

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    Hi, I'm Sin

    Hi everyone I'm Juaneta but my friends call me Sin. I'm a avid angelfish fan and have bred them on multiple occasions since 2001. I haven't had any Angels for the last several years and have just recently setup my multiple tanks to get back into the hobby. I currently run around 300 gallons of aquariums at my home, most of which are starting their cycling as we speak. I have maintained a 65 gallon tank for the last few years with fancy guppies but will be changing it over to Angels on Monday when my 24 new babies arrive. Philippine Blue Pinoys, Marbles, Leopards and some high coverage Koi is among the 1st fish I am receiving.

    I'm a single mother of 3 residing in Oklahoma and look forward to meeting some new friends and hopefully learning the new way things are being done among the Angelfish communities.

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    Welcome Sin!

    Sounds like you have a great set up. I can't imagining cycling multiple aquariums at once. Looking forward to seeing photos of your new babies once they arrive.

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    Welcome Sin, It's always nice meeting more fish nuts...LOL...Sounds like you're on the right track for getting set up again. Good luck with your new arrivals.
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    Welcome to the TAS forum Sin. Great to have you on board. Sounds you are going to have your hands full with your new arrivals. Have fun.

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    Hi again guys,

    Thanks for the warm greeting. Just thought I update that I won't be receiving my various pb angels on Monday after all. Here in northern Oklahoma it is going to be 5 degrees Sunday night, so the breeder is not shipping them until it gets warmer. He apologized and offered a refund, I assume he is just being nice. I would much prefer that he waits until my angels have a high chance of arriving safe and healthy rather then chance it. I told him the refund is not necessary and I'm happy to wait on them.

    Hope everyone is having a safe weekend and stays warm.



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