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Thread: Blue Smokey

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    Blue Smokey

    After fighting off disease for most of last year I finally have a spawn from a pair of Blue Smokeys. In fact, they are the only surviving pair from 13!!

    Here is the latest video as I am having no luck getting a photograph that isn't a blurry mess. I guess I don't know the secret.

    Anyway, this was a small spawn that I had collected the eggs and raised. In this video they are about 2 months.

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    They are so cute! Man, there's alot of them.

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    Very nice to see your Smokey breeders paying off for you. So glad that you were able to pull them through.
    Best wishes,

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    Got a few photos last night......they are almost 3 months now.

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    Those are real sweet Dena.

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    What little darlings they are turning out to be. They are so pretty. Glad they are doing well.

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    Thanks. It has been great watching them get to this stage.

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    Updated video. They are now big enough to sell

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