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Thread: Hello from SE Alaska

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    Hello from SE Alaska

    Just realized I haven't introduced myself. My name is Christine and I have been keeping fish for several years. I have a 55G planted tank, 10G planted RCS tank and a 125G that consists of 8 Silver Dollars, 7 Giant Danios, 6 Bleeding Heart Tetras, Green Severem, 4 Pictus Catfish and 2 long finned Silver Angelfish. Would love to do plants in this tank but having Silver Dollars is out of the question. My oldest SD is 10 years old.

    I am also a Moderator on Dena's other website; Everything Aquatic. I am also helping out over here now when needed. She is a wonderful person to work with on the Forums and a great friend.

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    Hello Christine and welcome. Wow a 10 year old Silver Dollar. How long can they live? My oldest fish are a couple of Angels a Marble and Gold that are about 6. They still eat well but have slowed down a whole lot. LOL


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