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Thread: Latest Breeding Project - Dark Angels

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    Latest Breeding Project - Dark Angels

    I moved a pair of dark angels into a 30g tank to see if they could parent raise their offspring.

    First spawn occurred in less than 24 hours after being moved; but the parents were still stressed from their new environment and the eggs were quickly eaten.

    And the quickly spawned again about 5 days later. This time they are doing much better. The wrigglers hatched a couple of days ago and the parents are doing great! They moved the wrigglers back to the marble slab they spawned on, so I got this video. Had to be careful as the parents were not happy with me being so close to their tank....and I didn't want to stress them out and cause them to eat the little ones.

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    I am really glad they are doing well. Hope they continue to care for them.

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    Me too Christine! Today is Day 3 of wriggling. So, just a couple more days until free swimming. That's when the next big test comes. Will the new parents care from them or eat them once they start to swim?

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    Got my fingers crossed!

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    Parents are doing a great job of raising their offspring. Although I am a bit surprised by the die off going on. The fry have been free swimming for about 10 days now.

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    I am so glad they are doing a great job. What can cause a die off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlyeskaGirl View Post
    What can cause a die off?
    Many factors. Foremost: water chemistry imbalance that leads to sustained stress and its underlying cause is typically due to a filter needing major attention. or undersized. Foul brine-shrimp is the foremost factor in fact if you give them brine shrimp which has a stench to it, you can almost guarantee that within the week, you'll see increasing numbers of lifeless bodies beginning to litter the bottom (unless the parents get to it first). This last one is the most common cause of die-offs in fish under dime size. Unfortunately, once they begin dropping like flies, those already affected will not respond to therapies/interventions. If anything, medications become highly toxic for them to handle and accelerate their demise. However, interventions will save those yet unaffected ones.
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    I believe it is a combination of things.

    DD Black has a high death rate
    Water Chem changes thanks to my city water
    Excessive pH after a large water change

    And possibly this cross isn't a good option. But I will let them raise a few more spawns before deciding. This is their first successful spawn. That could be a factor as well.

    Still have around 50 fry. And the larger ones are developing their elongated fins.

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    Thought I should update this thread. This pair of black angels continue to spawn, but due to health issues of the parents and medicating the tank, the fry don't survive. The male, a Pinoy Smokey, is fighting off the disease that killed all my other Pinoys! And, as the female has been exposed I am leaving this pair isolated.

    Their latest spawn was a complete surprise! I have been medicating the tank with nitrofurcan, which turns the water green. And, I never dreamed he was healthy enough to fertilize eggs. So, honestly I never considered this as a possibility. But, they proved me wrong! I found wigglers a week ago, on Monday. And I stopped medicating the tank and did a large of a water change as I could since the wigglers were only a couple of inches below the water level.

    This pair was able to care for their progeny and they became free swimming on Wednesday, just 2 days after I discovered them. And I started a small batch of BBS. Unfortunately the BBS didn't hatch, I believe my ratios were off, and I tried feeding the fry Repashy Spawn & Grow as well as powdered flakes I am feeding the adults. These fry lasted 3 days. They disappeared the night after I fed them BBS. No idea what went wrong. Was it the medication? Was it the lack of BBS? I may never know. But I did capture this photo....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hopefully you will have better luck with them next time. Did you stop the meds for good?

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